Do You Know you can save your Pet from approx 70% Deadly Diseases and 90 % Infections n small diseases just by raising his/her Immunity ? Yes, you read Right,  it's True.

Dictionary Defines Immunity as the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.


Mostly; Immunity Care is Neglected by Pet Parents as you can't get to know from how much diseases you have saved your pooch by strong immunity. Even if a Pet is ill during that time also a good immunity supplement can catalyses Healing/Cure by 30-50%.

Viusid Pets Supplement :

Vivaldis Viusid Pets Syrup is an innovative Formula for Raising Pet's Immunity that's too Naturally and Long Lasting. This is because it's 100% Organic Supplement Imported from Spain. It is Manufactured by “ Catalysis “ , Imported in India by “ Vivaldis Pet Care “ and Sold online in India  by

Viusid  contains  high Quantity of Natural Anti-Oxidents. Although there are some other immunity syrups for Pets but Dofference lies between Organic( Natural) vs InOrganic , level of Anti-Oxidents and Quality/Source of Anti-Oxidents.

150 Ml Viusid Provides Antioxidents Equal to  50 Kg Pomegranate Juice OR 50 Kg Blueberries Juice OR 735 Dozens of Banana OR 150 Kg Lemons etc

“Vivaldis Viusid Pets Syrup for Dogs and Cats” has Delivered Clear Visible Results in Pets. Yes, you can see the Improvements  . You can Raise A High Immunity Puppy/Kitten  with Viusid or can Protect Your Senior Pet with Aging – Side effects and Diseases. Viusid can even Protect your Pet From Deadly Diseases likes “Canine Distemper/Parvo”.

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Dr. Vivek.V.Attri